If you are a generous forward thinking individual who would like to leave a legacy we will endeavour to make the very best use of your gift.
The Anne Garton Bursary Fund and a number of Recordings are just two examples of what we have been able to achieve as a direct result of such donations. With your help we can do so much more.

Since its beginnings in 1941, Reigate & Redhill Choral Society has benefitted thousands of people in so many different ways. The choir remains committed to continuing this legacy for future generations.

Regardless of size, all gifts help us to make a real difference in people’s lives and also to plan for a brighter future.

The choir relies upon contributions from members and supporters via subscriptions, box office receipts and donations. Thanks to these individuals the choir has enriched and changed the lives of so many people of all ages. The choir remains determined to serve future generations regardless of the challenges faced.

We hope you will consider leaving a gift to Reigate & Redhill Choral Society in your will as a fitting memorial to your involvement with the Choir. In doing so you will be able to provide inspiration for future generations and a bright future for an organisation that has given so much to you during your lifetime.

To ensure your wishes are honoured, a legacy should be prepared in consultation with your legal advisor. However, we would be delighted to discuss this matter with you.

As a registered charity (No. 1188249) no inheritance tax is payable on the amount of your legacy.  This may be a very effective way of reducing the tax liability of your estate whilst benefiting our valuable work. Whilst this is the situation as the law currently applies we would recommend that you seek professional advice on inheritance tax planning.

A legacies proforma is available to download below.


willcodicilpdf.lores Download Legacies Form