The research is out and we know that singing can be put in to the same category as speaking. This is fantastic news for singing and choirs. As always, keeping everyone as safe as possible is our top priority. We have written a comprehensive risk assessment, in line with Government guidance, to ensure that we have as many safety measures in place as possible. Please take time to read this before completing the survey.

Click Here for the Risk Assessment

We need to have a clear idea of numbers in order to prepare for the next stage of our choir ‘roadmap’ as this will ultimately determine how many sessions we need and how best to run our choir rehearsals. We would be really grateful if you could take two minutes to complete the survey. If you have any questions that you would like answers to before completing this then please do contact the committee by emailing

The first weeks back at choir are going to be about building our confidence and voices whether you attend in person or by joining remotely for now.  If you need ANY help joining the sessions remotely, please contact the Web team by email

I know some of you may be feeling nervous about returning, but we are doing everything within our power to ensure we rehearse as safely as possible.  It will take time to build back up to what we had, but we will do it – together.

Will you be returning to physical rehearsals?
Do you have any concerns about returning to choir that you would like to share?